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The father must file with the court to establish paternity, custody/shared-parenting, and/or visitation rights, which would also make Tristan an equal legal guardian.The law states: "Under Ohio law, when it comes to child custody rights, an unmarried mother who gives birth to a child is automatically the sole residential parent and legal custodian of the child until a court makes a formal Court Order stating something else.Under this system, child support is calculated simply as a flat percent of the non-custodial parent's income.

This can range from sole custody, in which the child lives with the guardian exclusively, to joint custody in which the child lives with each parent on a split basis.However, the best parenting plans also address other important topics such as medical rights, religion, vacations, transportation, education and extracurricular activities.Custody Agreement, Parenting Plan Form, Custody and Visitation Agreement Usually the best option is for the parents to make child custody decisions.There are two basic types of custody: Legal custody: This type of custody tasks a parent or guardian with the responsibility to make decisions on behalf of the child.This includes medical and religious decisions as well as those concerning the child's education.

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While most courts try to support both parents in contributing to parental decisions, sole legal or physical custody may be granted if the parents live far apart or if one parent is not routinely involved in the child's life.

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