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Using NGO’s and other established infrastructure in the area, establishing schools and educational centers focused on educating women is crucial.Not only basic academic education, but sexual health education, as well as education on other physical and mental health issues.

Having an education also puts women at a lower risk of HIV/AIDS, either by keeping them out of sex work, or giving them the tools to seek treatment. Giving women an education is giving them professional and economic bargaining tools, exposure to alternative ways of thinking outside of the oppressive societies they are raised in, and gives them means to communicate and serve their communities.

This combination of political instability caused by civil conflict, the economic instability caused by the loss of the oil money they depended on, and the social and cultural implications of the solidification of their status of a state governed by Sharia law is severely detrimental to the role of women and promotion of gender equality in the Sudan.

Sudan fares poorly when it comes to health, especially women’s health.

The split between Sudan and South Sudan solidified Sudan’s position as an Islamic state.

In 2012, a year after South Sudan officially seceded, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir made a public statement saying,“We want to present a Constitution that serves as a template to those around us.

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When it comes to the furthering of women’s rights in development countries, health and education goes hand in hand.

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