Dating funda powered by phpbb

Extension Description: Hides the Newest User from the STATISTICS block at the foot of the forum.

You also have full control over who can view the STATISTICS and WHO IS ONLINE information.

For that I shout joyfully to You with psalms.1 Person: Now, it's your turn!

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Updates from MOD to extension should keep the thanks data.

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Features Bid…Adds a link to search user's topics next to the "Search user's posts" link on the user profile page.

Also adds links to search your own topics on the UCP overview page and in the quick links of the page header.

php BB Site Maker allows you to transform your php BB3 board into a full-blown site Features: Customize your site using blocks of content Drag and drop interface for adding/removing blocks Customizable block display - background color, title…This extension will display a list of similar (related) topics at the bottom of the current topic's page.

It matches keywords in the current topic's title with other topic titles in your board's forums and determines the most relevant and closely …An official php BB Extension that allows administrators to create a special board-wide announcement at the top of any page being viewed.

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