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While the atrocities committed against this cartel's adversaries are quite horrifying, it's the initiation process for its own members that is truly on another psychopathic plane.The initiation process of the Knights Templar has evolved from simply murdering and dismembering rivals a culinary cannibalistic experience.Organized crime is a phenomena that transcends borders and cultures; a universal, nefarious practice that's as diverse as it is common.Gangs exist all around the world, often violently at odds with one another over turf and money.New members are expected to drink from a goblet containing animal or human blood (sometimes their own, sometimes not), and recite the following blood oath: The Aryan Brotherhood is the US's oldest white supremacist prison gang.Originating in the mid-1960s by bikers looking to protect themselves in a newly desegregated prison system, the Aryan Brotherhood - also known as A. or Alice Baker - is still going strong today with an estimated 20,000 members.On 28 November 2007, a major offensive against gun crime by gangs in Birmingham, Liverpool, London and Manchester led to 118 arrests.More than 1,000 police officers were involved in the raids.

From offing the competition in a drive-by shooting, to putting their heads in a vice until they talk, the details of what gang members do can be extremely shocking.Overall, female gang members appear to be more heavily represented in gangs located outside of large cities, with half of gangs located in these areas reporting female members, compared to large cities, where about a quarter of gangs located in larger cities report female members.While the types of delinquent acts that girls in gangs commit are often less severe than boys, their involvement with gangs is still a concern and demands unique prevention, response, incarceration, and rehabilitation efforts.As a result, it is important to ensure services targeted at young women include trauma-informed approaches, provide adequate mental health services, focus on school connectedness, and address family relationships.Gender-Specific Programming This resource page from the OJJDP provides a comprehensive summary about girls and delinquency and their involvement in the juvenile justice system.

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