Dating girls on the rebound

But what he’s really doing his projecting his feelings about his ex onto a new girl – in a sense, he’s using the new girl. Have you ever felt like your new BF maybe isn’t over his ex? By that I mean did it happen in the last month or so?People who go into rebound relationships don’t go into them with the intention of using someone or hurting someone else. If so, that's probably the biggest warning sign of a rebound relationship, especially if he was in a long-term relationship right before he met you.Source: Shutter Stock Someone who is in a rebound usually goes from hot to cold pretty quickly.

If a guy is showing some serious emotion on Facebook, that means there's something going on that he may not be telling you.and if he were completely over her, he probably wouldn't be thinking about her so much.Be especially wary if he spends a lot of time comparing the two of you.That could be a sign that he's projecting his feelings for his ex onto you.This sign is really easy to overlook, because of course you want to assume he really does feel that way for you.

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