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According to Google and Wikipedia, American Samoa is 98.3% Christian.The motto of the territory is ‘Samoa, Muamua Le Atua’ (Samoa, Let God Be First). Finally, more than half of our lives are spent in church and doing church-related things. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if this is one of the biggest questions, if not the first question, a girl would ask when approached by a guy (that’s if she didn’t already know the guy).There are also other private companies that have proven to be worthy competitors of the government in terms of employing its citizens.If you work for the American Samoa Government and/or the Federal Government, your pay will be a little better.Most people here know what villages their parents and grandparents are from and I’ve often seen women avoid dating into those villages (ESPECIALLY the village she lives in! Note: Good luck asking out a girl from your village, fellas. Actually, it is one of the biggest questions anyone will ask when trying to find out about somebody.

Once Pakeka and Fa’ipula give the green light, you’re good to go. No matter how much you find the guy attractive, please ask this question at the beginning anyways.

Anything that brings in any type of income legally is a job by my definition.

With all that being said, it shouldn’t be hard to find a guy with a job then, right? Believe it or not, sometimes it’s a little hard nowadays to find someone with a job, no matter how seemingly qualified they are. Education is a very important thing in American Samoa.

According to a census conducted in 2016, American Samoa has a population of about 54,000 people and 95% of them live in Tutuila (including me). Tutuila has more than 20 villages and it is likely that one is related to another person of the same village or neighboring villages.

Even with a population of a little over fifty thousand people, you’d be surprised how often you might stumble across someone you might be related to. This has got to be the biggest question that I hear almost everytime a girl gets asked out by a guy.

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If the girl brings a guy over to meet her parents and they find out that he doesn’t go to church? Note: Most of the awful dating trends that are occurring off island (like gaslighting, love bombing, friends-with-benefits, etc.) don’t often happen here. When two people come together and form a relationship here, most of the time it’s for the long run.

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