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Jessica and Nick are in the middle of their first date. They’re strolling down the Champs-Elysées in Paris, stopping to appreciate the beautiful architecture and the odd art gallery that piques their interest.The have a spirited debate about the shades of meaning in a rare painting by Claude Monet.I didn’t just feel like she was there: She there, with me, in the glowing virtual wilderness. I see a world with VR dates to virtual mountains, boardwalks, skyscrapers, hot air balloon rides (I took one — don’t do it if you get motion sick), and anywhere else you and your significant other can imagine.I see a world where a button on Tinder sends you and your match directly to a cruise ship, and you make small talk while identifying whales (or whatever it is one does on a cruise).She plucked it out of the air and placed it in front of me, where it hung like a picture frame on an invisible wall.It occurred to me, then, how cringeworthy, but adorable it would be if I handed my boyfriend a horribly drawn rose on our anniversary, or if I wrote “I love you” in the air in front of his face in virtual reality.But in VR, I can present my virtual self to people who are thousands of miles away.Will VR make me disillusioned with the real world, the way my baby-boomer parents fear? When I took off the headset and emerged into a white, barren office, I felt heavy.

Her avatar blinked, her eyes and eyebrows fluidly guided her face as it transitioned through expressions. My hand went through her, because of course it did.) The togetherness that long-distance couples crave, I realized, could be found in this place.This was not a place to dart around corners and shoot things, the experiences for which VR is widely known.This was a place of beautiful intimacy, a place to be at peace.My tour guide was the avatar of a spokesperson from Facebook’s public relations team, joining me from California.The first thing she did was withdraw a virtual pencil from somewhere mysterious and draw an orange fish in the sky above her head.

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The most romantic place I’ve ever been was a grassy hill overlooking a campground.

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