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And, if you’re really up for the barre challenge to shift those Christmas pounds and discover your very own stronger, leaner and more bendy dancer’s body, you’ll love Xtend Barre’s 60 Day Lifestyle Challenge.Kicking off on Monday 1 February, the Xtend team are challenging all barre fans to an epic sixty day barre and diet commitment.Unlike regular ballet and pilates classes, each 55-minute Xtend Barre session is set to a pumping soundtrack to keep you moving and motivated, even on those days when you’d rather be settling in for a nap.As well as a soundtrack that will have your body dancing in no time, the Xtend Barre instructors are positive, approachable and, above all, always there to push you through that final set of repetitions that have your body screaming for you to stop. Nobody ever achieved washboard abs by flopping into a heap at the last hurdle…) As for what to expect?I am a day dream believer and I choose to map, plan and live out my dreams for me and all those around me to enjoy.

With studios in Bayside, Essendon, Hawthorn and Melbourne CBD, Xtend Barre has fast become a favourite for barre in Melbourne - whether you’re in need of a speedy session before work, an evening class to unwind, or a weekend workout to atone for that epic brunch.

Scivation Xtend delivers 7g BCCAs in the optimum 2:1:1 ratio, delivering L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and Valine alongside 2500mg Glutamine and 1000mg Citrulline Malate to ensure maximum effect and improved recovery speeds.

Scivation Xtend drink mix also provides you with a blend of rehydrating Electrolytes, to replenish hardworking muscles.

But when it comes to the fitness physique that we really want this season, it has to be the lithe, toned body of a ballet dancer.

Nobody else in the sporting world seems to effortlessly combine strength, flexibility and toned definition. Some might suggest a decade of dancing ‘til you bleed in the Ballet Russes...

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No, you won’t be whip nae-naeing across the studio (because any routine that includes the instruction, ‘now break your legs’ is surely the worst ever?

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