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“You also want to find out if he is still holding a torch for his ex.” Granted, it’s possible he didn’t want the divorce but he’s since moved on.

However, his answer to the question can provide clues as to whether that’s the case.

There are feelings of 'quiet desperation' you your partner puts on you for having any needs.

Other bad signs: Your guy puts the blame for the demise of his marriage on his ex, or says he’s learned gross generalized lessons about women or marriage based on his experience, Cilona says.She makes you feel grateful for all she's done for you, but when you step back and really look at this playing field, is it actually A Borderline wife who's urged her man to go elsewhere for comfort, will use the affair against him, from the moment he attaches to someone else.She'll clobber him with this "betrayal" for the rest of his days--even though she's pushed him out that door and into the arms of another female!“No matter what the situation, each partner has accountability and contributes in some ways to the relationship and dissolution of the marriage,” he points out.Above all, keep this in mind: Divorce can be a very healthy thing.

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“Some may not want to get married again after experiencing it once,” she says.

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