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The Trendy Traditional Economy has a basswood body and four white nylon strings that really pop because of the contrast with its body color.

It comes with a matching gig bag, extra strings, and a polishing cloth to keep it looking like new.

It sounds fantastic once tuned, and is a great value considering its low price point and quality construction.

The Oscar Schmidt OU5 Bundle features not only a high-quality instrument, but all the accessories you need to start playing it right away, including a case and a clip-on tuner.

It isn't derived from a single parent instrument, rather, it is considered a hybrid (or a cross) between several guitar-like instruments, including the Portuguese machete and five-string dating back to the eighteenth century.

Every musical instrument has a unique sound that transcends the boundaries of time.Now that this instrument has become almost mainstream, more and more people want to give it a whirl, so we've included models priced ideally for beginners through to instruments good enough for concert performances.When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work.For that reason, music evokes the emotions and memories. A saxophone is a symbol of the jazz genre, which makes one think of places like New Orleans, loud clubs, speakeasies, and prohibition.Certain instruments also evoke associations with a place or context. Now, consider another instrument like the ukulele and ask yourself to list some of the images and context that it evokes.

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The Kala Learn To Play Starter Kit comes with a lightweight soprano instrument made from mahogany.

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