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While the CGI, costume designers and production staffs are whites, 90% of the casts are Chinese. The director Zhang Yimou pick Damon by his artistic choice.

This is not a Chinese film, nor a Western film, this is definitely a collaboration, which prove that if we human, from East, and West, if we trust each other and to work together, we could achieved great things.

Forbes magazine has marked him as the most bankable star and at present he is the highest earning actor.

This star has received different accolades which includes one Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.

As the duo entered their 11th marriage year, Damon seemed to be a man who is head-over-heels in love with Barroso.

In reality, Chinese civilization first made compasses from magnetic stones in Han dynasty ( I'm Chinese and I don't think to have Matt Damon as the main character is a white-washing or anything racist.

Some foreigners are needed to show foreigner's perspective of the magnificent China : the Great Wall, the weapons, the army, etc.

If even Chinese are not offended, why white people called this film racist?

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