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Please only post photos of your teeth, not your whole face.Keep your email and your personal information private. Hell fellow brace faces, I just got my consultation for the 6 month smile braces and am a little nervous on how I should tell the guy I a dating that I will be getting braces. ^ I myself was always worried about how braces would impact my dating life.This is the place to post general questions and comments about all areas of orthodontic treatment.

Plus you're only going to be having braces for 6 months! I'd do anything to have had that option Let's see..guys I know, don't pay attention to anything...I say, get them on and wait to see how long it takes him to notice.All applicants and certificate holders are responsible for providing true and accurate information to CAMTC and you cannot abrogate your duty by relying on this Google translation feature.Please consult a certified translator to provide accurate translation of the information and documents on this website.i guess thats what i get for dating sterotypical superficial sorority *****es (yes they both are)...and now that im almost clear again, im not even looking for a relationship (at least not from the girls i know) for fear that they'll "want to see other people" if i break out again... maybe someday ill find a girl that isnt superficial AND that im attracted too.. Some people with great skin may not look half as good as you both do with the little scarring. Clearnomore and minimouse, I COMPLETELY know how you feel.

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