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I am currently restoring an early 80's model ST-III with the three switches that control the pick-ups. I am in need of a picture or diagram of the wiring. Also, im sure I can find other pictures of the wiring on these basses in my pic archive if I looked hard enough. It has a Humbucker and two single coil pick-ups controlled by 3 mini-switches. When I bought the guitar it had Bartolini pick-ups in it but the wiring was trashed. Ah, lol, I only play bass and without thinking just assumed that it was a bass. Derek My husband has a BC Rich guitar is electric and acoustic. Assuming that you do have a US ST and this is what you are talking about I would be more then happy to take some detailed photos of the wiring of both of my basses (one is set up stock, the other with EMGs) and send them to you. Derek Derek, I am talking about my 6 string guitar. The guitar is gutted right now but I can send you a picture any way if you'ld like. Send a picture if you want to my email [email protected] love seeing some snakeskin BC Riches!Note: here is some good info on the warlock, just not exactly what I am trying to find out, in terms of production year: 18323-BCR-Bible-Import-Guitars-(non-USA) I have a 80's Warlock Platinum as well. I can't find any more info on it other that what I can see for myself lol.I know its hard to assign value without a picture so just assume its in perfect condition with a very small crack in the tip of one of the widow peaks (approximately 1/4) this crack has been repaired and is barely noticeable. It's the only set of number I can see without taking it apart. Michael Hi, like many other BC Rich guitar owners i have a Platinum series that i can´t seem to trace its year can you please give me a hand??I've had the guitar for at least 15 years and it's still show room new. It´s a Platinum model (H-S-S w/ vintage tremolo and Bolt on Neck) with Serial #E703109..tks I am the original owner of a Warlock Platinum Series (black) reverse headstock, purchased new at Guitar Plus during summer of 1991.Haven't seen another one with the reverse headstock. As I understand it, the 1st 2 digits represent the year made, and the last 3 digits represent the production number.Wondering if anyone else has one of these, and what it might be worth. I also own a black BC Rich Warlock Bass with the reverse headstock. Not sure which digits represent what year, so I am not sure what year the "29" in my serial number designates.

Shiny black finish with dark red binding, and widow headstock. Rich guitar that is solid red, and has a number on the back of it on a black plate that reads: E70G049.Remember that assumption is the mother of all failure! ================================================== ===================== A note on bolt on neck plates I would like to make a point that the above L. A California USA neckplate DOES NOT mean the guitar was made in the USA. series stands for Nagoya Japan and in the earler years they were made in Nagoya Japan, not USA. ================================================== ===================== FOIL STICKERS SERIAL NUMBER ID: B.

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