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Talking about his time as an opposition staffer, on 2014/02/12 Tony Abbott said "My job was to disagree with everything [Prime Minister Keating] said".This is how the Liberal Party works in opposition; as we saw with Mr Abbott as leader.Wind power is popular, effective, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves lives by displacing polluting coal-fired power stations, yet the Liberals are set against it.Surely the only reason could be that they are being lobbied by the fossil fuel industry who provide the Liberals with major campaign donations?Put simply, the Coalition's climate policy is a farce.Tony Abbott and the Liberals have said that they will acheive the same emissions reduction target as Labor, but at his National Press Club address on 2013/09/02 Mr Abbott said they will spend a limited amount of money.

The increased emissions since the repealing of the carbon tax, which could easily have been avoided (by keeping the Carbon Tax in force), are convincing evidence of this crime.It doesn't matter what the government might want to do: good, bad or indifferent, the Liberal opposition will try to oppose it.The Australian Liberal Party is showing many signs of not wanting to do anything to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas production rate, which is one of the highest in the world on a per-capita basis.Only 18% of respondents swallowed the Liberal's line that recent electricity price rises were due to renewable energy.58% put it down to privatization and lack of competition.

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The Liberals are trying to keep Australia tied to nineteenth century power technologies while the rest of the world adopts renewables, inovation and progress.

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