Dating older women pros and cons

I agree it would be weird to date someone who is close to my parents’ age or who has kids close to my age, but neither Cole nor my parents were candidates for 16 & Pregnant. Here and there Cole says something like “Have you heard of the movie When Harry Met Sally? Every so often you’ll hear about someone passing away in their 40’s or early 50’s. Kids were definitely brought up, but in the hypothetical, years-from-now sense. He’s past being the “aspiring” musician who is still waiting tables and hasn’t done a paid gig in two years.

If you want to make things work, be sure you can handle the following. Men reach their sexual prime in their twenties due to a spike in testosterone, while women typically reach theirs in their 30s and 40s.Their weekends don’t consist of getting wasted and showing off how much he can lift at the gym.It’s also the little things, like knowing what a coaster is and paying attention to the weather forecast.“The younger and less experienced he is, the more open he’ll be in his relationship with you.”Be forewarned, though: Less baggage can also mean a lack of relationship skills, such as communicating and resolving problems and conflicts, says Melanie Matcek, a matchmaker and relationship coach in San Antonio, TX.Be selective about your battles and learn to compromise on things that aren’t vital to your relationship, she recommends.

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  1. Introverts Want to be Understood Introverts spend much of their life observing and trying to understand others. In return, we want you to them not always wanting to tag-along, you are approaching this with the wrong attitude.