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The difference between a site like Ukraine Date and a Western dating site is that girls will send you winks or interest. Pick a casual place for drinks or coffee (many girls off don’t drink).

The profiles on are much more in depth than say, Tinder. Just having words on your profile with a bit of charm will to meet. Sure, some girls will be shy (especially those who don’t speak great English), but will generally be polite and courteous in your interactions on Ukraine Date. For example, in English you might say At the same time, best not to get her hopes up and have her think you’re fluent in her native tongue. At this point, you’re making it clear that you are a Western guy with limited knowledge in her language. In Ukrainian culture it’s nice to not assume that they speak English. Well, assuming she responds and says she speaks English (or even if she At this point, she’ll probably ask you what you have done in her city, and simply tell you that she had a good day. So now you’ve exchanged a total of four, maybe five, messages. Honestly, you don’t even have to kiss her on the first date (but you should try). It is very difficult to outline the most common mistakes foreign men make when they start communicating with Ukrainian ladies. It will be quite useful to read in advance about Ukraine, its culture, customs and traditions.We are all human and it is human to err when dealing with people. Every woman will be flattered to realise that a man has spent time to get to know her country and culture. The second most common mistake made by foreign men is considering Ukraine a third world's country.Moreover, talking about money spent may give her the impression that he is stingy, which would most definitely be the end of her affection. Most Ukrainian ladies prefer to dress fashionably, and in a way that sometimes may be considered "immodest".That's because they are not ashamed to show their beautiful bodies.

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A superstitious lady may also consider it to be a bad omen or a sign of bad luck.

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