Dating on yayoo

“After spending lavishly, we sometimes go bankrupt.

So, we have no choice than to use metaphysical powers to hypnotise our victims online.

It is also a kind of a swindle in which the lawyer usually proposes plenty of money for a smaller up-front deal.

Internet fraud became widely accessible simultaneously in Nigeria and Ghana in early 2000.

Instead of getting a legal job, many young people in Nigeria dream of becoming a yahoo boy.

Keep on reading the article to get to know how to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria.

, because many scammers often use its free e-mail accounts to commit their crimes.

For Nigerian law, yahoo boys are people who carry out 419 fraud.

This number refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code, which directly deals with fraud.

The act of using voodoo is what people nicknamed ‘Yahoo Plus.’ “I use it so that the victim, otherwise known as a ‘client’ will fall deeply in love with me and obey my every command.

At least, I have been into dating scam for a while now and I can boast of two cars and a house.” Hakeem confessed.

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