Dating persistence

They plan a date but she calls at the last minute to cancel - NEXT.

In short, they NEXT any woman who doesn't display IMMEDIATE HIGH INTEREST. Well the MISTAKE here is that you're filtering women based simply upon their INITIAL level of interest in you.

Or you can pursue in such a way that you appear CONFIDENT, STRONG, CHARISMATIC... CP is the process of displaying certain personality characteristics which actually make you more attractive to women... He doesn't get mad when a girl fails to return his call.

If she doesn't like you she'll forget about you when you take it easy, saying "Finally he gets the hint! "As a rule of thumb, try just going out with her once a week.

Never on saturdays and fridays (this is your time to hunt with your buddies). And remember to give her enough time to put the date in her schedule.

This is a popular strategy among men who are beginning to learn the "game." It's the easy and safe way of dealing with women.

And it's what many guys learn to do as they get older, and begin realizing how much time they have wasted pursuing women who weren't interested in them.

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One thought on “dating persistence”

  1. by *Hannah Packham Holding hands, kissing, sex, where do you draw your line? Although, I’ve only dated one guy, that’s about all it takes to learn some of the most important lessons about relationships: everything from communication to kissing.

  2. One woman actually asked me if I could help her pay her rent and she would be willing to be a regular "thing" if I could do that for her. Then maybe they wouldn't come to the forums and complain how nobody wants to date them or how all women are stuck up and never talks to them.