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Want to show off your pictures and videos to friends and family?

You can create custom wallpapers and contact pictures, and even custom slideshows with automagic animations, transitions, and music that you can share on your i Phone or i Pad, or send to your Apple TV over Air Play.

With them, you can quickly glance at when and where you were, scrub through everything and anything, see a map view of your photos spread out across the world, and even copy a photo to the clipboard so you can insert it into a message. Camera Roll/All Photos, My Photos Stream, Panoramas, Videos, even Selfies all have their own, dedicated albums.

Magic wand is still there, of course, but you can also change light, color, and black and white with a swipe, or dive down into brightness, warmth, and other details. Now that i Phones have good cameras, filters are simply a way to have some fun. The Photos app works as a central hub for filters and effects pulled from all the extensibility-compatible editing apps you've downloaded from the App Store.

Find the, install them, enable them, and then you can apply them all right from the Photos app. That means you can change, remove, and revert them at any time.

This stored data is called "EXIF Data" and it is comprised of a range of settings such as ISO speed, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, camera model and make, date and time, lens type, focal length and much more.

(Nasim Mansurov, Photography Life) professional photographer or are wanting to get a bit more in-depth with your photographs/info for a project of some sort, then EXIF data has little use to you besides weighing down your i Phone with unnecessary metadata.

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