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Get ready for an epic new show with lots of surprises.

Are you ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity? and a major cable network…If you are currently in a relationship & interested in Reality TV, this post is for you!

audition tape enough times for me to realize she actually wasn't kidding about it.

I, on the other hand, have watched a whopping two episodes of the show.

Generally, show producers will list the physical, lifestyle or other characteristics they're seeking.

"The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," for instance, hold open casting calls for "eligible men and women who are ready to find true love" [source: Warner Brothers].

Sometimes, popular reality stars are handpicked for spinoffs from shows that were originally cast through open casting calls.

The show "Honey Boo Boo," for example, was built around spunky child beauty pageant contestant Alana Thompson and her quirky "redneck-ognizable" family, after they first appeared in TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras." If you'd like to be the next Kelly Clarkson — or even if you're just an average Joe watching "The Amazing Race" and thinking, "I want to do that!

Jocelyn's take: I arrived at ABC studios in the heart of Manhattan feeling like my mind was about to explode with anxiety.It was at this time that doubts crept in: But by 7 P.M., I'd given myself enough internal pep talks (and sipped enough champagne) that not even the pouring rain could stop me from getting to the audition.I felt like a slowly melting prom queen as I frantically ran through the streets of Manhattan alone (Lindsey had an appointment and would meet me at the audition), but my eyelashes were long and my spirits were high. An accurate representation of what I wear on the reg? I didn't think it was worth it to forego comfort for the sake of dressing up, and I definitely didn't want to mislead the casting agents re: who I am and what I look like.Lindsey's take: The day of auditions, I showed up to work wearing ripped jeans, a black top, and a blazer. Plus, my ass looks great in those jeans, and I made sure to finish off the look with a little winged eyeliner.

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