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For months, it appeared that the United States and Russia were getting close to an actual skirmish, especially after a serious of aggressive aerial engagements between military aircraft from both countries at the end of 2017. Having proclaimed total victory and pledged to draw down official Russian forces in December 2017, Putin could be particularly inclined to use the mercenaries in order to stay engaged in the conflict, taking greater risks than before, and better avoid international criticism and complaints from the political opposition at home.

There are now reports from the Pentagon that actual Russian aircraft and troops have decreased their operations near the de-confliction line, which could be another indicator that the Kremlin is actively seeking to further obfuscate its intentions.“What I would tell you is clearly the Russian activity has moved away from where we've been operating down in the Euphrates River Valley and their operations clearly have migrated up to the northwest,” U. Air Force Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigian, head of U. This would make even more sense given that he's in the middle of what is already a highly controversial re-election campaign.

Russia’s contingent in Syria also largely lacks any serious precision guided munitions capability, which would limit their ability to try and attack SDF positions, but leave their American advisers unscathed. "We all need to be crystal clear about that."But at a certain point, regardless of the technical accuracy of Russia’s carefully worded denials and increasingly credulous American attempts to downplay the seriousness of the situation, it may be hard to deny that the two countries are actively engaged in a low-level conflict.

Shapiro It has been less than a month since President Vladimir Putin declared a successful end to Russia’s intervention in the Syrian civil war and announced the imminent withdrawal of Russian forces from the country.

In September 2017, Russia had rushed military bridging equipment to help enable a major push to seize control off the opposite shore near Deir ez-Zor, underscoring this relative lack of capability.

The only formal bridge linking the city with the eastern bank of the river long ago ended up destroyed over the course of the fighting in the country.

As such, it’s not hard to imagine that Russia using proxies like Wagner and Syrian militias to try and achieve its own publicly stated goal of having the United States leave the country entirely, but with less danger of a direct confrontation. “So, quite frankly, our interactions with them in compared to – in comparison to what we had seen probably at two months ago is significantly decreased.”Of course, groups like Wagner seem expendable in the Kremlin's eyes, which is what makes them so attractive for both foreign and domestic political reasons.

31 had knocked out four Su-24 bombers, two SU-35S fighters and a military transport aircraft.

Russia’s Defense Ministry disputed the specifics of the Kommersant report but not the attack itself.

Russia’s apparent decision to test the possibility of using proxies as a low-risk way to challenge America’s resolve is a troubling development that be a sign of more skirmishes to come between the two sides, especially around Deir ez-Zor.

The main focus of the two attacks in February 2018 appears to have been control of lucrative oil and gas fields in the area that the SDF occupies.

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