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The good news is that the road between these two ditches is actually pretty wide. This isn’t a license to be naïve, but to put aside the constant craving to know if the person you are dating is your future spouse, and just enjoy getting to know each other.

“I hit a limit,” says Alexi Wasser, a writer, podcaster and filmmaker, after a particularly disappointing breakup. She says, “I was gutted and exhausted — picking yourself back up after a breakup is daunting and requires so much energy.” Girl, PREACH!

We have overvalued systems for determining a relationship’s worth and potential, such that by the time it gets the “Godly Spouse Material” seal of approval, the “you are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you” (Song 4:7) season has already begun to pass us by. Not from your own ability to perfectly predict or plan the future.Alexi says it’s important to use this time to “figure out what you love to do and throw yourself into that passion.” Her theory is a sound one: “Let someone find you while you’re doing you.You’re so much more attractive when you’re a fully realized person.” She’s enjoying feeling “so good on my own and solid in myself,” and trusts that she’ll eventually “find another fully realized person” to enhance her life rather than complete it. Delete those dating apps — and not just for the extra data.Don’t get me wrong, the exodus event is not about you and your dreamy significant other; it’s about God redeeming his people.Yet there are principles in that story about the beauty of beginnings, especially the beginnings God himself brings into our lives.

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Each interaction is just one more in a string of experiences for people intent, consciously or unconsciously, on pursuing a personal sense of euphoria, with no regard for its longevity or for who might get hurt along the way.

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