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The process was initially quite difficult; Crawford described his "immediate thought [as] 'this is so good, how the hell are we going to get a cast to live up to these characters? Tony had created incredibly strong characters, each with their own particular style and panache, but they also had to form a believable, if unusual, 'family' unit". Lester explained that he "couldn't imagine playing the same character for years, but Hustle was completely different; in the very first rehearsal we were doing a dance routine and then the next thing I know I'm whacking out several different accents and I just thought, 'I'm in heaven, this is great!

Robert Vaughn, the Academy Award-nominated star of The Man from U. '" was reportedly "terrified" to be working with the more famous actors Vaughn and Lester, saying "when we were filming the first couple of episodes I was absolutely petrified and was convinced that it would be really obvious on screen. Any time now someone is going to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to get my coat!

So when I watched some of it on tape I was totally amazed that you couldn't see how frightened I really was. '" The cast found the experience informative; Murray explained, "I realised that most cons are all about diversion – while you're trying to con somebody you're doing something to distract them in the opposite direction so they don't notice and that's exactly how pickpockets work".

Several members of the cast described Hustle's filming schedule as incredibly hectic.

We all like doing the stunts involving driving fast because it's boy's-own stuff but when it comes to the dangerous stunts I'm quite happy to leave it to someone else!

" Filming for the second Hustle series took place in mid-2004, again in and around central London.

Lester described the second shoot as "much easier" than the chaotic first series. we were trying to work out what roles we were going to play and the scripts were still being written as we were shooting it; it was all a case of finding out what exactly Hustle was going to be..

– as they pull short-cons on unsuspecting businesses and members of the public.

The BBC described the series as an attempt "to reveal how the scams work so that the viewer can avoid being ripped off by the same con".

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