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When your ex is taking the time to make himself better, it’s a good sign that he’s matured from the experience of the breakup and is focusing on becoming a better man.

And if he’s focused his efforts on the parts of himself that contributed to the breakup in the first place – that’s very good news.

only to have it disappear from your life almost overnight.

It’s enough to send most people into an introspective place, and a lot of guys deal with that by identifying things about themselves that they don’t like and working on them.

In fact, don’t really focus on his shortcomings in the relationship at all.

Instead, just engage with what he’s bringing to the table, and focus on being positive.

(And remember – this is something you should be doing as well while following the no contact rule).

Just avoid coming off as desperate or needy by giving him too much praise and you should be fine.

This is probably the biggest sign that he wants to get back together with you.

he still feels super bitter towards you – not an encouraging sign he wants to get back together.

Plus, it means he’s immaturely trying to feel better about the breakup and about himself by blaming you.

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