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At that point the three hour storm in America would have abated, and the thick darkness would have commenced.

The historical and astronomical calculations which allow us to fix the day and date of Passover in different years during Jesus’ lifetime are too detailed to relate here, and readers are invited to link to the article for information.

This would allow for darkness in America all day Friday, and also all day Saturday.

But it would be impossible for three days of darkness to have occurred prior to Jesus’ resurrection, as he rose from the dead and left his tomb early on Sunday morning in Jerusalem, well prior to midnight on Saturday night in America.

For an alternative point of view see “The Restoration of Priesthood Keys on Easter 1836 Part One https://org/ensign/1985/06/the-restoration-of-priesthood-keys-on-easter-1836-part-1-dating-the-first-easter? https://org/ensign/1985/07/the-restoration-of-priesthood-keys-on-easter-1836-part-2-symbolism-of-passover-and-of-elijahs-return? lang=eng The Easter season is here, and with it we remember the atonement of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion, and his resurrection.

The New Testament is explicit in reporting his resurrection on the first day of the week, which we call Sunday.

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But understanding that the crucifixion really occurred on Thursday means that Jesus did indeed lay for three nights in the tomb – Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night – before his resurrection early on Sunday morning.

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