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However, while the billing department was repeatedly cocking up my bill, another department was sending me demands for £31.45 I’d been told I didn’t owe.

I was subjected to all kinds of thought-police interrogations whose aim was clearly designed to make me confess to some shameful phobia and (quite irrelevantly, since Islam is not an ethnic group but a religion which all may join) ‘racism’.British Gas, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to think there is any problem with this behaviour. After all, this special combination of bullying and incompetence probably reaps handsome dividends – I imagine most people buckle and pay up, never to see their money again.As an apology, British Gas offered me a derisory £20 off my bill.I have written back explaining that the time I spent waiting on hold on the phone alone is worth more than that.Using their punitive pricing scheme - detailed in the threatening notices as £10 for a letter etc.

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