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sadavid: Speaking of whom, given that the real name is Rynoski, there seems a good chance that he's one of the chosen - but does he have a spot on one of those lists of great Canuckichukistanis? Four westerners (two Saskatchewanians, a Winnipegger and a Skritnik from BC) transplanted to Toronto. If Mike Reno from Loverboy can do it, hope is universal. Electric Ladyland- Jimi Hendrix I forgot to orginize in Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan, so that is like number 15 Honorable Mentions Love- The Beatles (only if you are a hard core Beatle fan) Magical Mystery Tour- The Beatles The Doors- The Doors Nevermind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols- The Sex Pistols Legend- Bob Marley Meet The Beatles- The Beatles Modern Times- Bob Dylan Animals- Pink Floyd ZOSO- Led Zeppelin Physical Graffitti- Led Zeppelin Live At The Apollo I- James Brown Pearl- Janis Joplin Eat a Peach- The Allman Brothers Band Nevermind- Nirvana Appetite For Destruction- Guns n' Roses War- U2 Joshua Tree- U2 Graceland- Paul Simon Lick My Decals Off, Baby- Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Music From Big Pink- The Band Superfly- Curtis Mayfield Metal Box- Public Image Ltd Pink Moon- Nick Drake It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back- Public Enemy Paul's Boutique- Beastie Boys Categorie: Muziek Labels: bob dylan the beatles frank zappa end quote .... It was a better interview than the Gord interview just because Bruce is much more into interviews than Gord I think. He doesn't figure in any list I can Google (I still like Wikipedia's list of Danko, Barilko et al.) but as a closet 'chuk' you'll no doubt enjoy the list of notables at [My link]: Melanie? The album is taken from 10 solo concerts and sound checks done over the last couple of years. Speaking of whom, did you notice, on the Le Hibou list, Jack and Jorma playing as a duo in '68? And maybe in Three's A Crowd, if the second version played the club.) Also, I wonder if John Hammond's visits to Ottawa were part of a 'tour' that led him through Toronto too, maybe even the time he first saw our guys play? The "all my friends are dead" album cover is hilarious. Afterwards Ackroyd formed James and the Good Brothers, who did the Festival Express tour with our guys and recorded a wonderful LP with members of the Dead and the Airplane. (Flying Circus was his band - an outgrowth of the Mynah Birds, of all things, and Olivus was too. And Heavenly Blue - in which group he and Amos Garrett seem to have taken turns being the guitarist.

I don't know who Mariana Fikes is, but I found the article pretty "venomous". And the guy just happens to have a Stratocaster scratch plate on him? The point about a signed guitar isn't just a scratch plate. Paddy Roberts was a comedy singer and his EP with "The Ballad of Bethnal Green" is something you see a lot in secondhand stores so it must have sold well at the time.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band- The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 48. He wrote the song while still in Mexico after having spent a couple of days visiting the different refugee camps of displaced Guatemalans.

find The Band Web: My link Subject: hunting the wily Canuckichukistanian Bill M: that explains why he looks like a perogy with a headband . He discussed rocket launcher in a little bit of depth.

Web: My link With all due respect to the talented Ronnie Lane, I'd say that he was the third-best singer in the (Small) Faces, with number one being Steve Marriot.

Web: My link Subject: The late great Steve M Check this link out - the Germans were rockin in 66..note the huge influence Marriott was on Paul Weller....fully acknowledged to Weller's credit.....

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As embarassing as Nickleback are I do like Sam Roberts. To add to your misery (and mine), has CHUM changed their format?

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