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In 2009 a new Section was formed, this being the IRISH SECTION as a Special Interest Section.The Irish Section covers, as the name states, the whole of ire/Ireland.An Headquarter's event is run about every two or so years.The Celtic Tour 2013, JOGLE (John O'Groats to Land's End), 1000mile Trial, The Red Flag Rally and The 75th Event in Wales were all 5 or more days events run by HQ.During those early times of the Club, cars that were built from our closing dates to 1919 were being broken up for spares for models that continued after the First World War (i.e.Rolls Royce's Silver Ghosts and Ford's Model T's to name only two) or being scrapped.

The chemical report supports Mr Cooper's historical research, that the black and white No. It is the second POW chapel remaining in Singapore, the first being the St Luke's Chapel in Roberts Barracks that has been reproduced at Changi Museum.

Behind them are the remnants of a mural from WWII in a bungalow at Adam Park.

The faint outline of what used to be a Christian mural for a World War II prisoner of war (POW) chapel has been found in a bungalow in Adam Park ,70 years on. 11 feature a cascading scroll with the Bible verse: "Lift up your heads, O ye Gates and the King of Glory shall Come in." Chemical test results, conducted and completed last month by architectural conservation and preservation specialists Maek Consulting, were sent to battlefield archaeologist Jon Cooper, who has been living in Singapore and studying Adam Park since 2009.

The test results matched historical records that detailed the different substances used to put together the simple painting in the then war- torn, resource-scarce Singapore.

The man behind the artwork, camp interpreter and padre, Captain Eric Andrews, had used a laundry whitener called Reckitt's Blue to extract blue pigment to paint the scroll.

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