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I think in real life dating you "You chat or reject people pretty much based on looks" and first impressions generally, so think on-line dating is no different.I met my DH on the internet but I didn't have a photo on my profile - we chatted for a bit on line then spoke lots on the phone and got on so well he took a chance anyway! But going out and getting out there is a lot easier when you are younger and childfree than when you are a bit older, and juggling work, housework, children etc...I've got a huge crush on a work colleague but 2 problems - 1.He's 9 years younger than me and 2 I'm his boss.I am also trying to get out more, went out a few weeks ago and got some attention (and a snog) which was good for the ego ooooh. Don't think drunken snogs are the way to go though so next time I aim to be more open to chatting to people and less embarrassed about what the people I am with think!

When I'm ready, I may move onto one of the paid for sites.

My Mum & Dad were pen-friends for a while before they met (my dad was abroad with the RAF) - internet dating is just the modern equivalent. I know there are a few it is sucessful for, but its certainly not working for me. Plus it is so very difficult to get people together to go out with.

They have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary so it worked for them! Friends in couples dont usually want to go out and i dont know anyone single the same age as me.

After online dating for 18 months i am still without anyone even vaguley interesting. I do not happen to meet many men in my day to day life ( read, i dont meet any)But im attempting to going back to basics, trying to go to the pub for a drink, or talking to people in the park. Registered on one site, and had a couple of emails but just felt really uncomfortable and cringy about the whole thing. You chat or reject people pretty much based on looks and a first message. And if i do i suspect i give off very closed off body language. Erm well I saw on facebook a couple of people I vaguely knew were planning a night out so invited myself along .

Anyone want to join me and a real life attempt to meet men? Decided it wasn't for me and I'd rather meet people IRL. Then you have to meet up in a really false 'date' situation, having never met before. Just went out in town, got very very drunk and ended up snogging on the dancefloor Had been chatted up earlier in the night by someone who seemed really nice but I was too sober/self conscious/shy to talk to him properly.

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