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In an address to Lord Ripon's Education Commission, she declared with fervor, "In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred the educated men of this country are opposed to female education and the proper position of women.If they observe the slightest fault, they magnify the grain of mustard-seed into a mountain, and try to ruin the character of a woman." She suggested that teachers be trained and women school inspectors be appointed.Anant Shastri Dongre taught both his second wife and his daughter the Sanskrit texts.When their parents died in the 1877 famine, Ramabai and her brother, Srinivas decided to continue their father's work. Ramabai's fame as a lecturer reached Calcutta, where the pandits invited her to speak.Further, she said that as the situation in India was that women's conditions were such that women could only medically treat them, Indian women should be admitted to medical colleges.Ramabai's evidence created a great sensation and reached Queen Victoria.She did this well: Manorama completed her BA at Bombay University; went to the USA for higher studies; returned to India, and worked as Principal of Sharada Sadan, Mumbai.With her help, Pandita Ramabai established Christian High school at Gulbarga (now in Karnataka), a backward district of south India, during 1912, and her daughter was Principal of the school.

She had also published one of her most important book, The High-Caste Hindu Woman.

This was also the first book that she wrote in English. Joshi, The High-Caste Hindu Woman, which showed the darkest aspects of the life of Hindu women, including child brides and child widows, sought to expose the oppression of women in Hindu-dominated British India.

In 1896, during a severe famine Ramabai toured the villages of Maharashtra with a caravan of bullock carts and rescued thousands of outcast children, child widows, orphans, and other destitute women and brought them to the shelter of Mukti and Sharada Sadan.

Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati was born as Rama Dongre on 23 April 1858 in a Marathi speaking family.

She was the daughter of the Sanskrit scholar Anant Shastri Dongre, and his second wife Lakshmibai Dongre.

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In spite of the relentless criticism, Ramabai remained focused on her goal of helping widows. Nine months later, Ramabai, who had been suffering from septic bronchitis, died on 5 April 1922, a few weeks before her 64th birthday.

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