Dating with purpose and purity

John Majors shares that the first thing a newbie teen is likely to question is his identity.Parents can help their sons and daughters by pointing them to Scripture to instill a strong gender identity. Listen to the series Joshua Harris, author of the popular book, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," tells how the book forever defined him as a single man.He reminds parents that children learn what marriage is by watching them.So, parents must start early teaching and modeling a biblical view of marriage for their children. Listen to the series Tom Gilson reminds moms and dads to have critical conversations with their kids about spiritual and cultural issues so they will know how to respond when questioned about their faith and values.Dennis has authored or co-authored more than 35 books including the best selling Moments Together for Couples and Staying Close.He has also received two Golden Medallion Awards f …After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, Barbara joined the staff of Cru in 1971.Listen to the series Veteran high school teacher Daniel Anderson and his daughter, Jacquelyn Anderson Meza, reminisce about Jacquelyn's high school years and the "no dating" policy that ruled their household.

The panel of various experts offers insight and wisdom into how to engage wit...Stanford talks about the silent epidemic of depression that is sweeping across the U. Stanford talks about complexities of anxiety disorders and coaches parents whose...Listen to the series Pastor Todd Wilson talks about God's design for sexuality.Brian and Angela remind parents that their teens are not adults.This means your teens are not in charge at home, and they still need you to set up some guidelines and non-negotiables, like goin... How do we stay true to Christ's example of being grace and truth to the world?

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Dennis Rainey is a Co-founder of Family Life, a subsidiary of Cru.

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