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but it is hard to explain to a potential date that I have Lyme.They don’t understand that we can’t just be spontaneous or go out to a loud restaurant, drink alcohol, and try to have a good time.People with Alzheimer's can live for many years with this disease and there are various levels of progression.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have tried and not one person has sent a message except for fake profiles trying to scam me. I mentioned I cannot be spontaneous on my profile and that seemed to scare away potential dates. As of now I have no idea where to go for dating with Lyme or a disability that is safe, secure and free (since we are all on fixed to no income). I am on all the major sites like Match, e Harmony….

Objectifying a person suffering from Alzheimer's in this way is a form of vilification. You could have, and should have chosen your words more carefully. For example, my mother was diagnosed with probably Alzheimer's disease seven years ago. I agree with you, Alzheimer's caregiving is an intense, difficult, personal choice. Bob De Marco Alzheimer's Reading Room actually the larger issue… It’s the abortion and Terry Schiavo dilemma all over again. I have a friend who is in his 50’s and suffers from debilitating MS.

But, the current statistics indicate the predominant choice is care at home. He is very slowly dying; physically he is finished; however his mental capacity for life is great. I think people who are interpreting "not being 'there'" as objectifying or otherwise insinuating a lack of 'humanness' are severely misrepresenting what is being said.

She accepted the circumstances and embraced the situation.

Barry and Mary call themselves a "family of three," and while Jan doesn't understand the new family configuration (nor did she consent to it) she is happy with their continued visits to her in the care facility. Current statistics indicate that 80 percent of persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease are cared for at home.

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