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Where these features are absent (such as the ill-defined northern boundary of the Antarctic Ocean), the boundary is somewhat arbitrarily fixed by fluctuating zones of opposing currents that act as partial barriers to the mixing of waters between the two adjacent oceans.

The oceans are not uniformly distributed on the face of the earth.

Large and totally landlocked saltwater bodies such as the Caspian Sea are actually salt lakes.

The boundaries between oceans are usually designated by the continental land masses bordering them or by ridges in the ocean floor, which also serve as geographic boundaries.

Of both Irish and English descent, Chesney was born in Corryton where he also graduated from the Gibbs High School.He also played baseball and football there, although his ultimate career would have nothing to do with sports.One Christmas Eve he received a guitar as present that he named “The Terminor”.Continents and ocean basins tend to be antipodal, or diametrically opposed to one another, i.e., continents are found on the opposite side of the earth from ocean basins.For example, Antarctica is antipodal to the Arctic Ocean; Europe is opposed by the South Pacific Ocean.

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He taught himself to play the guitar while at home.

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