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Some people attend their friends’ weddings and think, “Ugh, why can’t that be me?” Others attend their friends’ weddings and think, “Thank god that is not me! I live by the “work hard, play hard” mantra, so I can definitely relate to this one.rt Dating is built with HTML5, CSS3, Foundation 5, Grunt and Bower. Before you decide to buy it, it’s our responsibility to clear few things that are not present and we can’t be able to provide: We urge you to visit live demo site first. rt Dating Child theme: If you are a developer, you can add your own features/function in child theme and do customization as per the need. You can refer documentation, or contact us on our support forum for any coding related query. This includes automatic update feature, so upgrading will be as easy as it should be!If you have any questions about demo site or a feature, feel free to post them in our pre-sales support forum. That was the third night I’d been out that week (it was only Thursday), and I really do thoroughly enjoy my “do whatever I want, whenever I want” lifestyle.

Are you always telling the people you date that you’re “just not ready” for a serious commitment?

Whatever the reason (not that you have to have one to begin with), there’s no need to feel you need to change to fit a social norm or to explain your preferences to those around you. Perhaps your current views, wants, and needs regarding relationships will change over time, but if they don’t — that’s completely OK.

As someone who isn't the relationship type, I've been there, done that.

Finally, we offer 30-days refund policy just in case things don’t work out!

“Maybe you’re just not the relationship type,” one of my friends told me over a vodka soda at the bar one night. Not being the “relationship type,” while it may seem like it has negative connotations thanks to false stereotypes, isn’t a bad thing at all, actually.

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