Deactivate dating tips on vodafone

so your credit will only expire if your SIM card is left unused for more than a certain amount of time).At present, ASDA Mobile is our recommend network for light mobile users.Message blocking apps While the DND is an official recourse that the telecom operators provide, in most cases it doesn't work. They have a blacklist of spam numbers, which they stop in their tracks.

Even on the Play Store it has a very high 4.5 star rating.

Apart from smartphone battery life, spam messages are a constant hassle.

They just get in the way of things, disturb us at the wrong moments and are just simply irritating. Well, there are measures in place, but people rarely know about them.

One thing to investigate closely when choosing a Pay As You Go mobile network is the credit expiry and SIM card cancellation policy.

On most mainstream mobile networks, your credit will not expire as long as you make a chargeable activity at least once every six months (e.g.

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The last option is to block the caller and this works both ways for SMS and calls.

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