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She approached him after the VMAs, declaring her fandom, and they bonded over their appreciation of Inter­net humor, quoting from viral videos like they’re Shakespearean love sonnets.

Among dance musicians, Deadmau5 is a phenomenon the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Nineties electronica boom of Daft Punk and the Chemical Broth­ers.

“Build­ing patches from the ground up makes your shit stand out,” he says.

“Dance music is stuck in this place where any kid can buy some software — or pirate it — and just use the presets.” As the melody loops, Zimmerman, wearing a tight Moog T-shirt, loose jeans and chunky white athletic socks, adds a crunchy arpeggio and other distortion ef­fects until the riff achieves a scalding fury.

HE FIRST THING YOU see when you enter Joel Zimmerman’s downtown Toronto apartment is a door­mat in the entryway, telling you to piss off.

YOU READ MY DOORMAT, it announces in fat white block letters, THAT’S ENOUGH INTERACTION FOR ONE DAY.

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