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I’m sure every human being will have a lot of ancestries within them, but we should the ethnicities that are more predominant in their tree.:/ Log in to Reply Well to all those making nasty comment, She has multiple millions and a good life and is only 21. In the old world, people were named after their relatives. I would have done more research, before using this lovely sarcasm.LOL Log in to Reply You just said Asian women are ugly and you’re Asian what if a white women said she thinks anyone who isn’t white is ugly?Your chances of dating a white women would be very slim.Her father’s name is Kingsley- Swift which is completely Anglo-Saxon. Her mother’s name is Gardner which is also Anglo-Saxon. Her mother’s maiden name is Finlay which is Scottish. Most Americans from the Pennsylvania area who have family who have lived there for generations are of Anglo-Saxon heritage. Marjorie isn’t just a name that English people use, obviously. I’ve used genealogy sites including ancestry and what whoever compiled her family tree probably did was quick and amateurish work.Her grandmother’s surname is for sure German, but her name Marjorie is an Old English name, so her grandmother was most likely of both. True, it originated there, but is common in places like Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada… My grandmother was named Chloé, but wasn’t of French ancestry, so it really doesn’t have to relate to your heritage at all. Well I am glad she has some Italian blood which is what makes her civilized.

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