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I looked up at him "You like the smell of new sneakers, well I quite like the smell of dirty ones! , well I gotta say it is kinda hot watching you inhale my sweat like that" I stroked his exposed white sock and tickled underneath, he squirmed and I begun massaging his foot as I placed the shoe back on the floor. " "Nice man very nice, you can do the other one if you like too!

I worked my tongue for about five minutes before he pulled away.

"Take a walk tell me what you think" He stood up and walked around the store and as he did he grabbed some other things from the racks.

"They're really nice dude, fit great" "They look good on you how about I ring them up for you!

I reached up to one of the shelves and grabbed a size eleven, he took a seat on the bench as I opened the box and kneeled on the floor in front of him.

I placed the right shoe on his foot, "Much better" it went on without any effort, I moved across to the left and he kicked his shoe off I placed the other one on.

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