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All applications are dependent on data in some form and most developers find themselves writing reams of data access code.

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His current UI obsession revolves around the XAML space; Windows 10 Universal Apps, Holo Lens, and WPF APIs.

It doesn’t know how to work with non-WPF classes unless they are registered with the parser.

Therefore, the first step in using a custom data source is to associate an XML namespace with a CLR namespace.

You must specify the Ancestor Type, a Dock Panel in this example, for a successful binding. For example setting Ancestor Level=2 will skip one generation.

In the following example the Text Box Background will bind to the grandparent Dock Panel and will be blue: The other two Relative Source modes are Templated Parent and Previous Data, which are not relevant to this article.

Set the Source property to refer to an instance of an object, in this case the sample string declared in the Page. Bind the first Text Block directly to the string and use a Path for the second Text Block to show the second Char in the String.

In XAML you have to put the instance in a resources section.

The XAML parser instantiates your type and adds the instance to the resource dictionary.

Note the nesting of one markup extension within another in this example.

Run the application and try typing “Red” or #FF336688 in the text box to see the background color change: Find Ancestor: Walk the tree of parent elements looking for a specific type of element.

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Use the Relative Source property when you need an element binding, but you can’t use the Element Name property.

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