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• Working the red carpet at the GLAAD Media Awards. Sarah Palin picks new attorney general who once called gays "degenerates." • Pole vaulter runs nude through streets of Paris. • Call out Blue Cross Blue Shield on ridiculous policy change. • Who gets custody of the friends when you break up? • Kudos to Milk's Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black. • Morehouse College and homophobia: The ugly marriage continues. • "Rent" too gay for Orange County high school drama department. • Doug Spearman talks "Noah's Arc," marriage and why playing Chance wasn't his first choice. • Craigslist love: Hipster seeking Anderson Cooper (photo). • Joe Torre's simple statement of hope on gays in Major League Baseball. • Under the "iron stiletto heel" of "homosexual activists." • Three major Sundance awards give gay director Lee Daniels (photo) a "Push." • Hulu Sunday: Reba goes lesbian. • New Hampshire's sole black lawmaker leads on gay marriage. • Gay bars in Chicago fed up with bachelorette parties. • There's nothing depressing about saving young lives. • TV Alert: Gay dads on Discovery Health on Wednesday. • Suze Orman's Valentine's Day message on marriage equality, hate amendments and the bottom line. • "Survivor’s" Spencer doesn’t want to be Thpenther. • More fights in Florida over gay-straight alliances. • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rachel Maddow (photo). (photo) • Wanda Sykes on coming out and the importance of black gay visibility. • GOP's new leader Michael Steele is George Bush reincarnated. • North Carolina city moves to protect LGBT renters; bigot eruption expected. • Gay contestant introduces fiance on "Wheel of Fortune." • New United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice supports gay rights resolution. • The "Obameter": Keeping a list and checking it twice. • “Prayers for Bobby” and more on lesbian and gay youth. • Puerto Rico's Gran Melia Resort welcome gay wedding and commitment ceremonies.

• Young adult books move beyond the coming out story, but still face hurdles. • Redemptive Love: How much I have in common with Ted Haggard. • Five conversations to expect on the lesbian first date. • How did "equality" become the watchword of the gay movement? • Shocking -- it's lesbians on "Oprah." • Why this movement makes us fully quiver. • Rosie O'Donnell (photo) is back to blogging, so grammar queens beware. • Tim Gunn (photo) just as confused about "Project Runway" as we are. • What if Madonna's Brazilian boy toy romance is a big sham? • Shirtless Sanjaya Malakar: Is he gay or just fey?

Only a man with James Bond-like tendencies could say something similar. Throughout the movie his range kept me -- being able to go from one island to the next and still get the girl. Player in a contract year: Actor Jack Black caught us a bit off-guard with a nontraditional role from his previous movies.

But sticking to the script playing Carl Denham, he did a good job.

Should we name the beautiful girl complete with sad eyes and a warm heart, or did King Kong overshadow her?

I kicked it with Barry one night in NYC (where the ladies love him).

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