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The majority of women that I have met were of the 'not okay with it' group.Reading some of the replies here I can understand why they would choose not to deal with it.The diapers are worn every night and on the rare occasion that they are worn during the day is usually precautionary.It's good to know that there are some people that will overlook this if they encounter it.I respect everyone's choices and have held no resentment towards anyone. I don't see a problem here at all, but that maybe due to my line of work where I am use to it.If I'm in love with a person who cares about such a trivial thing?It's NOT the be all end all, merely a small hiccup. Be thankful YOU don't have to endure the usage of a diaper, and have a bit of respect for those that do have to live their lives like this.i guess it would depend on a few things. if he generally takes care of his own personal hygeine, i don't see a problem.if he would need me as a caregiver, it might create a situation where he wouldn't feel like my equal partner, in which case it would become an issue. You know, I wasn't going to comment until I read this. We all go, but we don't really want to see it, hear about it, or have it in our faces.

That said, for me, I could deal with it if it were not something I had to "deal with" all the time.

So if someone was doing it for psychological reasons than no (too wierd).

If they were doing it, short-term because of a medical problem or even long-term becuase of a medical problem then yes.

But- I would definately be turned off if he tried to initiate sex wearing it- I mean the way to do it in my mind would be get inimate then after guy gets up and puts on required sleeping gear : PI have no problem with diapers as long as he is changing his own!

I spent three years in home health care and left because I hate changing adult diapers! Not dating someone because their eyes are green instead of blue is shallow.

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