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This might sound surprising, but if that little girl ain't gay she is on her way. Mia Mc K: Mizzz Natasha, can i get a spell check on my city tho?? i had the pleasure of working w Drake & his ppl and they are all super cool…so u all, plz dnt believe the hype abt Drake being a diva or whatever.anywho, yay for CURTIS (CMOORE PHOTOS) for making theybf & yay 4 HARD2PLEASE ent…we went hard n the paint for this concert and it paid off!!! Sure she's with pharrel but album hasn't dropped yet, so until then... I still love you drizzy ;)And to those who are unfamiliar download So Far Gone. bcus he had a concert this past saturday in cali @ csla. Besides being on Sweet 16 she's completely irrelevant. Im still gonna support him but Im disappointed with some of his newer music. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe they are just friends? Teyana Taylor posted some interesting pics on her myspace page of her and on-the-brink rapper Drake getting pretty close to a kiss kiss and looking all cutesy: Or maybe they just "besties forever" like Teyana calls it though. This might sound surprising, but if that little girl ain’t gay she is on her way.

She has a manly air about her and Drake is soft as a dove, well on second thought, maybe they would work out. When I came in the game, it wasn’t okay to be a girl and wear sneakers and hats and streetwear.

all in all, if he's going to attempt to take on the task of revolutionizing hip hop or whatever it is that he is claiming to do then at least correct things that are blatantly wrong like a sexist attitude especially when a sizable chunk of your fanbase is female.

Paris opened the door for so many non-actual-talent having ppl to get in... who got just the right amount of loyalty" but then again...it's probably just a mockery. It makes me happy everytime I see your Daria gravatar LOL! My friends and I were just talking about Daria the other day!

if ya'll was the ones dating drake ya'll wldnt care neither @fstar BAby I agree with you on several points you made.

I've been listening to Drake since 2007 w/ the Room for Improvement mixtape. I second that she is on Rihanna's d*ck, maybe she mad she couldn't have Chris Brown and finally has a chance to get some lime light with Drake!

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