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Both are subjects that call on you to have to think with a level of emotion and introspection and therefore often invoke feelings of anger and defensiveness. I arrived at Club Pedestal and was greeted by my friend who, after a couple of glasses of wine, decided to show me around.

There were various different sections including a trampling cage that had a carpet made up of men that were eager for women to walk all over them.

One shot me a look that said he didn’t appreciate it but as they weren‘t allowed to talk I could not verify this.

There was also the crawling cage where men had to crawl on all fours.

I later have a conversation with the black man and it turns out that this is his first time too.

I asked him if he was finding it weird for the same reasons that I was and he said that he did.

Most of the women took their shoes off and stood on the men whose tongues darted in and out as feet went across their faces.

Well, I have very little sympathy for those that try to equate two situations that are unbalanced to begin with.

And I have no time for those that complain about misandry, reverse racism, discrimination against the beautiful, cisgendered people preoccupied with campaigning against transgendered people using the bathroom they want or heterosexuals that want to know why we can’t have a straight pride.

I can't recommend a night at Club Pedestal enough – it's the ultimate girl's night out." I felt obliged to check it out and report back to my fellow sisters.

In my experience I have found that there are two subjects that seem to make people lose their minds like no others when discussed, these are: sex lives and race.

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