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I suspected the antenna but have checked this and is connected.appreciate any advise.

Regards Touch screen operation works, radio still plays, climate still works and both can be controlled through touch screen and steering wheel, however all the manual controls on the lower half of the panel do not work.

Sirius is changing the channel guide, most of our channels will be changed to new numbers MAY 4th.

This sucks, but if it will help eliminate the constant channel updating I'm all for it! IGN&utm_medium =Email&utm_campaign=CHALIGNMENT2011 __________________ The "constant channel upgrading" had nothing to do with this.

I know I'm going to take some heat for this question...

But I did try the search feature for a couple of seconds...

I have an inactive Sirius XM radio in my car or home and I'd like to purchase a subscription.

MB service does not seem to have a clue and wants me to bring it in for a diagnostic. [FONT=Arial Black][B][B]I also have a 09 C300 with the exact same problem.

MB service wants me also to bring it in for a diagnostic.

The audio on the radio will go out if you have something plugged into the aux and change the driver seat setting.

Everything on the radio works as normal just no sound.

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