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Donnie has won Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Awards in gospel music.

He has sung at both Republican and Democratic National Conventions, been given BET awards, and was honored with an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Gospel Artist.

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After it was announced on TBN last week that Pastor Donnie Mc Clurkin is "getting married," the gospel singer and his girlfriend, Nicole C. Yes."Mullen's response followed Mc Clurkin's guest appearance on "Praise The Lord" hosted by Matt and Laurie Crouch where Matt announced several times during the hour and-a-half show that "Donnie Mc Clurkin's getting married.""Are you ready for something?

Mullen, clarified earlier this week that he has yet to pop the question and they are not engaged. Can I just drop something on you," Crouch asked the audience before getting on his feet to proclaim, "Donnie Mc Clurkin's getting married!

But as I stated on TBN, she and I both have agreed that the protocol of counseling is necessary."The Christian Post contacted both Mc Clurkin's and Mullen's representatives for comment but a response was not available by press time.

Mc Clurkin said Monday on Periscope, however, that he and Nicole will be making a joint statement soon.

When Donnie picked up the ball and turned around he saw a car traveling at a high rate of speed heading toward his brother, who was now in the road.

Donnie Mc Clurkin is the pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York, a singer, a musician, songwriter, choir director, author, actor, and a radio host.

General Information as of 2010: Donnie Mc Clurkin websites: and

Despite their meager economic status the family was full of love and happiness until the 6th of June in 1968.

That was the day Donnie’s world went from the best of times to the worst of times.

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