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I recently worked with a widowed man who was looking to find love again. I was able to teach him exactly what he needed to do.He met a wonderful lady, they are getting married in a few months time and he told me it was all thanks to me!

For many people, finding their perfect match can bring the greatest of happiness.

At Drawing Down the Moon we have been doing this for over 30 years, not only making strong matches, but by encouraging and helping our clients through providing support and ongoing date coaching.

I also have a passion for education and I worked as the head of an inner city, adult education centre in the 70s and very early 80s.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the team and make a difference in peoples lives by coaching the DDM members towards the goal of a long term relationship.

What is your favourite dating coaching success story?

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Working at Drawing Down the Moon as a matchmaker allows me to play a key part in helping people create the right opportunities to meet that special someone. One of the things I always encourage my clients to do is be as open as they can to what their ideal match will look like.

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