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You may wish to check with others using the same drug and look into the possibility of sharing an order.

All expired materials that are to be kept in inventory and used for non-survival procedures must be clearly and individually labeled as “expired materials—for non-survival use only” and be kept together in an area physically separate from all other medical materials and drugs.

Many drugs are incompatible with other agents and cannot be mixed.

Prepackaged sterile medical devices (e.g., sutures, sterile gloves, catheters, etc.) are distributed with an expiration date or with a statement to indicate that the contents are “sterile if the packaging is undamaged.” Medical devices marked with an expiration date cannot be used for survival procedures after that date, and should usually be discarded or, if applicable, re-sterilized.

IV fluids (e.g., normal saline, Lactated Ringer’s) expire in 24 hours after opening if kept unrefrigerated, or may be kept up to a week if refrigerated.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as printed on the bottle or package insert for expiration date and storage temperature.Pain-relieving drugs may lose potency after the expiration date, resulting in unpredictable effects that can jeopardize humane animal use even in a non-survival setting.In keeping with recent federal guidelines, all drugs and medical materials administered to any live vertebrate animals must be used within their expiration date (see applicable regulations below and note that Boston University policy covers all live vertebrate animals).Most medical materials (e.g., drugs, fluids, disinfectant solutions, catheters, sutures, etc.) are imprinted with an expiration date.Beyond this date, the manufacturer does not guarantee the sterility, safety, or stability of the item.

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Please be aware that the animal facility staff has been instructed to dispose of any and all materials housed within the animal facility that are beyond their expiration date as required by federal regulations.

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