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Prince came to me and said, “I think we need to change your image. ” I racked my brain, came across the doctor idea, and he said, “Ah ha! I had been working on a Mozart concerto, so I started playing some of that. Then he picked up a guitar, and we started jamming; I think he actually played “Party Up.” I stayed the weekend in a spare bedroom. It was so innovative and different, it threw people for a loop.

We didn’t want to insult him by making him go through the whole process, but he wanted to finish.

” At that moment, we thought maybe we shouldn’t encourage him to do interviews. I remember in San Francisco, he was sound asleep, the clock radio is blaring at 4 in the morning. He shot up and said, “Never, ever turn off the radio.

OWEN HUSNEY: We were visiting radio stations and no one had any money, so Prince and I were sharing hotel rooms. Music soothes the savage beast.” He hits the radio and turns it back on, and he’s sound asleep.

I’d usually get ridiculed for it, but I ended up doing my own thing. In 1976 Chris Moon, a south Minneapolis studio proprietor and aspiring lyricist, hired Prince and other musicians to record music for a slide show. The horn part, the guitar part — he had it all separated. [My wife] came in while he was singing “Soft and Wet,” and he was a little embarrassed. BOBBY Z: My day job was a runner for Owen’s ad company, but my job became basically to take care of Prince. I knew that he was shy, so the second marketing move was that less is more. Husney refused offers from A&M and Columbia and opted for Warner Bros. VP): You could not only tell there was talent but there was a vision.

I didn’t want any press clippings or 8 million pictures. because its executives agreed to give Prince artistic freedom and let him produce his debut. He went out and played guitar, then overdubbed drums.

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  1. This is not the behavior I would expect of a feminist, sex-positive 21st century lady. Why would I put myself through the rollercoaster of the drafting, the editing, the sending, the waiting, the hoping, the checking, and the sighing in disappointment when the fact of my gender (and let’s be real; that’s really all it is) means the attention comes to me?