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Beyond that, nothing else they had to say mattered.

That persisted a few weeks, but I had to admit eventually that they might be onto something.

Not too surprising to learn that he was depressed about it.

Rejection isn’t easy and job seekers get more than their share of it.

It took longer still, but eventually those criticisms became recognizable for what they were: constructive.

This feedback proved invaluable, as it inspired me to keep going, get busy, and not count each rejection a total loss.

A full year after I came *this* close to telling the lot of them off, I started hitting reply to those rejection emails.

I updated them on my progress with the business and asked for a chance to show them how far it had come.

Almost all of them took the meeting request and many were amazed to see how far I had gone, bootstrapping on my own.

This very professionally-beginning cover letter should immediately alert you to my easy-going and comprehensive approach to task completion while making it strikingly obvious that I am both interested in and capable of performing HR duties with sophisticated exactitude.

The quickening of your heart is likely subsiding at this point as your mind digests the familiar words in this second, poetic, figuration of how it feels to work with me: A profound calm washes over you as you realize we’re on the same team, striving for common goals.

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