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Since the employee and her co-workers were found to have a special relationship, the employer could be held liable even though the information was conveyed to a limited number of people.The rationale in imposing liability is that it would be just as devastating to an employee to have co-workers learn of intimate details of her life as it would for the whole world to know.About half of the victims reporting abuse say they experienced a physical injury during the domestic violence incident.About half of the incidents of violence by male intimates are not reported to the police.

It is an unlawful employment practice for any Oregon employer to discriminate against an individual in hiring or any other employment decision because the individual is a victim of DVSAS. Unless otherwise required by law, any documents provided as certification of the victim’s status must be kept confidential and may not be released without the express permission of the employee. What sorts of documentation may the employee provide? Certification can be a document from law enforcement or the courts, such as a police report or restraining order, a letter or other document from an attorney, counselor, domestic violence or sexual assault victim service provider, health care professional, or clergy member. Remember that any form submitted as certification of the victim’s status must be kept confidential. What conduct constitutes unlawful discrimination under the law? Under ORS 659A.290, it is against the law for any employer to: Q. For instance, a safety accommodation might be a transfer, reassignment, modified schedule, unpaid leave from employment, changed work telephone number, changed work station, installed lock, change in office policy, or any other adjustment to a job structure, workplace facility, or work requirement in response to actual or threatened domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

Nearly 25% of all offenders report the use of alcohol prior to the intimate violence.

The Congressional findings justifying the enactment of the Violence Against Women Act (VA WA) include the following: domestic violence costs employers an estimated 3-5 billion dollars annually due to absenteeism from the workplace; almost 50% of all rape victims lose their jobs or are forced to quit in the aftermath of the crime; fear of gender-based violence deters women from taking jobs in certain areas or at certain hours that pose a significant risk of such violence.

An employee's work relationships, productivity and attendance may be affected by his or her role as a victim or offender in domestic violence situations.

The effects of domestic violence on victims, offenders and their employers can be physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially devastating. Department of Justice reports that, in each year between 19,960,000 individuals were victimized by spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends and former boyfriends and girlfriends.

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